"Not your grandmother's Jesus!" - Alley Guy

In the first decades of the 21st century, humanity is poised on the brink of...what? The end? A new beginning? The second coming? However, in his hometown of "Hollyweird" (that crazy little corner of Los Angeles where the earthquakes deposit all the nuts), the antihero of hymnandme could care less about any of it. He's just plain pissed. First his Nana gets ripped off by an unscrupulous, bible-banging televangelist, and now he meets some homeless guy claiming to be Jesus Christ! Well, he's not looking for religion or asking for redemption. But since he's unemployed, uneducated, and unmotivated, he has the time-and the need-for a new adventure. When he decides it might be entertaining to hang with this savior du jour, he unknowingly sets foot on a path that will change his life forever.

From hilarious to heartbreaking, hymnandme spans nine months in the lives of this curious, yet skeptical, young man, his new friend "Jesus," and the diverse tenants of his rundown apartment building known as "The Ark." They have nine months to talk with "Jesus." Nine months to discover the truth. Nine months to decide if they want to change their lives. Would you know if he was the real Jesus? Would it matter?

hymnandme is a story. It is fiction. Imaginary. It is invented, fantasy, myth, drama, fable, yarn, allegory, parable, not real, a tall tale, a novel...an illusion. It is not "based on true events." None of the characters are real. None of them. They were all born, and currently reside, in the wild and irreverent imagination of Barbara Buck.